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trying to get a decent picture of myself

trying my new camera this a.m.

me in the mirror

I got a new camera and it takes really beautiful pictures and fits in my pocket and I can actually see the display which has been a problem. In the old days my pentax ME Super took the best pictures, I put it up to my eye and saw what I would see when the picture was printed. It was an extension of me. But then things went digital and there was a little screen and ironically, although it showed exactly what it would take, I could never see it. My eyes started to have trouble with near vision and there was glare from the sun and so I started taking pictures in an approximate sort of way, and they weren’t very good anymore so I lost interest. So now that’s improving and I decided it would be nice to use the fact that I can see to try and take a picture of myself where I don’t look like a ferret. When I look in the mirror I normally look alright to myself, so I went in the bathroom and took some pictures in the mirror. Interestingly, even that took some doing, I must squinch up my face as soon as I’m aware of the shutter. Even so I managed a few that I like.

Checking to see how a blog works

Tried putting a picture of the dog in here. let’s see how that goes…. Through some strange accident, the deermouse got huge and extended outside of the lines, I like that. Probably will never be able to reproduce it.