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art at the park

After I did the project with the tadpoles and frog, which originally started as a neighborhood playground renovation (I was involved in writing grants, which I wasn’t very effective at, and had a foolhardy hunch that I could make bronze sculpture myself) I was approached by another group of neighbors to consult on another playground. […]

Touching Things for Luck

Last week I decided to take pictures of all my bronze sculptures, at least the ones I can get to easily. So one thing I did was go down to the park to photograph the first set of pieces I ever did (around 10 years ago), the life cycle of the Pacific Chorus frog.
Every once […]

a gallery

I’m experimenting with the gallery function in WordPress and it’s pretty cool. Soon I’ll put up actual portfolios of series’ of pieces, these are just samples, extremely random, of  my work.