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Drawing on My Cell Phone

new toy

Sometimes I love unintended consequences. In fact, they’re my favorite.

A few months ago I got a new phone. My old phone was fine, but Verizon kept tempting me with new models. I could get a new fancy touch screen “droid” for free at the time (well, $30/month for data, but otherwise free) and after considering how profligate I was probably being I ordered mine. It was frustrating at first, i couldn’t hear it ring, for one thing, and the battery seemed to last about 3 hours, but eventually I made friends with it and all its little applications. “apps” for short, we’re on a nickname basis now. There was one app called kidspaint. It’s Japanese, not very sophisticated, for little kids,  but it does some cool things. Each time you touch your finger down to it, it chooses a different color to draw with and a different thickness of line. I like not having to decide those things, it turns out, and so I get these wild colors together. And I draw something almost every day, sometimes many times a day. And I use my finger. And I can’t erase, but every line covers the last line, so I’m encouraged to layer. And I don’t give a damn what I’m drawing, because it doesn’t matter.  The effect for me has been that I’ve drawn more than I ever have in my life before, and I really love my drawings. I’m even thinking of branching out and using paper soon, although that’s hard to do in the car when I’m waiting for my daughter to get out of school or in a restaurant when I’m waiting for the food to come. So maybe that will come later. When I have more time.