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art at the park

After I did the project with the tadpoles and frog, which originally started as a neighborhood playground renovation (I was involved in writing grants, which I wasn’t very effective at, and had a foolhardy hunch that I could make bronze sculpture myself) I was approached by another group of neighbors to consult on another playground. They decided that they wanted art to be an important part of their project and I gave them lots of ideas of what might be interesting. Having no idea that I would eventually be making the art I was suggesting. In the end they had me do a number of elements. One of those was a series of animals, squirrel or smaller, that would be put in the park for any donor who wanted to give $1,000. I let them choose from a list of more-or-less native animals, species you could find within 50 miles of here, anyway.  I installed them at the beginning of last winter. They’re scattered around, some fairly hard to find, which is nice for the kids. They make the playgound seem alive.

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